The history of Nakaya dates back to 1907. Research and development has taken us to the peak of handsaw technology passed over the years from father to son. We started with making handsaws but we did not stop.
Now we make the machines as well.
We provide total assistance from design to final product regarding any kind of handsaw for any purpose.
Based on the experience for making and selling the Japanese saws, now we sell the high-quality Japanese tools mainly for woodworking.

Company Profile

Company Name Nakaya Co.,Ltd.
President Shintaro Namba
Main Business Lines (1) Manufacturing for Handsaws (Pull saws)
(2) Manufacturing for Handsaw making machinery and related equipment
(3) Exporting for the Japanese tools
Address 3-20-16, Tsukanome, Sanjo City, Niigata, 955-0055 Japan
TEL +81-256-47-4506
FAX +81-256-47-4509