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Nakaya-Finetools has exported an extensive range of Japanese tools to all over the world including the following tools:
-Nokogiri (Pull Saws)
-Nomi (Chisels)
-Genno (Hammers)
-Ono (Axes)
-Shichirin (Konros)
-Toishi (Sharpening Stones)
and more...
Some of the tools are designed by us, and made from famous manufacturers and toolmakers.
We are originally a manufacturer for the Japanese pull saws in Sanjo, Niigata.
We are not only regarded as the leading manufacturer of the very best quality of replaceable saw blades, we also develop and produce the machines to make the saw blades.
The production line includes also grinding machines for many kinds of machine knives.
Other than Saws and Machines, we have now the third division exporting the high quality Japanese tools to all over the world.



In 2010, we created one of the largest and most comprehensive range of Japanese kitchen knives.
We offer knives from the following famous makers and brands:
- Akifusa
- Ikeda Yoshikazu
- Tadafusa
- Hinoura Tsukasa
- Kitaoka Hideo
- Hinoura Mutsumi
- Ohishi
- Wakui Toshihiro


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We are looking for Distributors, Importers and Retailers in most parts of the world.

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3-20-16, Tsukanome, Sanjo City, Niigata, 955-0055 JAPAN
TEL:+81-256-47-4506   FAX:+81-256-47-4509


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